In the Land of the Kappiris III In South Rhodesia  South Rhodesia was then seen as a place in Africa where acute racial discrimination was practiced. Much like South Africa, it was a self-governed country, ruled by white people. The degree of racial discrimination could be assessed by looking at Pottekkatt’s train journey to Rhodesia. There was a bogey, dirtier than a cowshed where the Kappiris crammed themselves in. It was a claustrophobic dungeon where no sunlight could enter. However there was the white’s coupe which was an abode of luxury. In addition to that, the bogey Pottekkatt sat in was informally reserved for Asians, and no White would even come there by chance even though there was a lot of room in the compartment since he was the lone Asian traveler. On reaching Bulawayo, he looked around for a porter to help him with luggages. Incidentally, he met a Tamilian porter who was more than happy to see an Indian and particularly a Madrasi in Rhodesia. He expressed his desire to…
My Education I came with my plain canvas; Day 1, nothing happened, Day 2, a faint line appeared.. And another came soon I had a fairly dark border by week, Colours began to spread on soon It grew brighter and brighter Whatever be the adjective I hadn’t the faintest idea Pf what is awaiting me. One thing I know Once it’ ready
It is gonna be a great work!